Evaluation of event / training

Thank you for taking active participation in our event. In order to find out your opinion about the event we ask you to complete this survey. The results of this survey will be used to organize future events that suits your needs and wishes.
1. Which parts of the event did you attend? (many answers possible)
2. What was your goal and expectations before coming to the event?
3. How did the event helped to achieve your goals and expectations?
4. In general the event was
Unsuccessful       Very successful
5. Please evaluate the training session
Very good
Presenter's performance
Presenter's knowledge
Prepared presentations
Handout materials
6. Please evaluate the value of listed aspects you think are important for the events (many answers possible)
7. How did the event helped to develop:
Very good
New knowledge
Practical skills
Gain new contacts
8. Which topics or presenters you would like to hear in the further events?
9. In which room you would prefer to attend the training?
10. Which day(s) are the most suitable for you to attend the events? (many answers possible)
11. Other relevant comments and suggestions