Client survey

Good day!
In order to improve the quality of our services we would like you to participate in our survey. Knowledge of your requirements and needs for products will help us to build more customer-oriented services and promote the mutual cooperation.
It will take 10 minutes of your time to complete the survey.
Enter your information:
Name, Surname
1. How often do you use our services / products?
Every day
Approximately once a week
Approximately once a month
Less than once a month
2. For how long you are using our products / services now?
One month or less
1 – 6 months
More than 6 months
3. When was the last time you purchased our service / product?
4. Where are you using our products the most? (many answers possible)
At home
At work
In studies
Spare time
5. Please evaluate our product / service
Very bad       Very Good
6. Comparing to the same products / services available in the market, our product / service is
Much better
The same
Much worse
7. Would you recommend our product / service to others?
Yes, definitely
Yes, probably
8. Please evaluate the new packaging and design of our product:
I like it very much
It’s all right
It’s OK. But some are required.
I don’t like it
9. Please evaluate your satisfaction about the aspects of our service / product:
 Very satisfied Satisfied Unsatisfied
Availability of products   
Client service   
Delivery terms   
10. Are you satisfied with the outcomes of problem solving situations in case of some incidents with the service or product?
There have been no problems so far
I am satisfied most of the time
I am not satisfied
11. Your comments, complains or suggestions:
Thank you for participating in the survey.
The results will be summarized soon and introduced to you.